Speeding – Speed awareness course.

If you have been caught speeding you could avoid penalty points by completing a speed awareness course.


What is a speed awareness course?

It is part of a government initiative to raise awareness on road safety and to reduce the risk of you re-offending. The course generally lasts for about six hours and is a combination of classroom theory and practical in-car training by an approved driving instructor. It usually costs between £80 and £100.

 Why would I want to do this?

 If you successfully complete the course you will avoid getting points on your licence. This is particularly important if you already have points on your licence and otherwise would be at risk of disqualification under the totting system.

Am I eligible for the course?

Not if you have already attended one in the last three years.

The acceptable level of speeding for the purposes of eligibility for the course depends on your local police force policy.  Recently 37 out of 44 police forces have  increased the excess speed level from 10% of the speed limit plus 6 mph to 10%of the speed limit plus 9 mph.

This means:

  •  42 in a 30 mph limit
  •  53 in a 40 mph limit
  • 64 in a 50 mph limit
  • 75 in a 60 mph limit
  • 86 in a 70 mph limit.

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