Motoring offences – costs

We are offering a discounted rate for initial advice for motoring offences – £80 plus vat

In our experience,  many people who have been charged or summoned with a driving offence are worried about the cost of advice. We know how important your driving licence is to you but also know that the cost of professional advice on your case can put you off asking for  it.

 Driving offences can be complicated; whether you have been caught speeding, drink driving, careless driving, driving whilst using a mobile phone or whatever your case may be. In response to the many calls we have from prospective clients about driving offences we have decided to offer a discounted rate of £80 plus vat for initial advice on your driving case.

In this appointment we will be able to go through your case with you and advise you whether you should plead guilty or not guilty to the offence. Most importantly for you and your costs we will give you an honest assessment of whether you need further legal advice and representation in court. For some driving offences such as speeding you will be given the option of pleading guilty by post - we will be able to tell you whether you should do this or opt to attend court. If you decide to plead guilty by post we will help you complete the forms and will be able to help you with your mitigation. If you decide to attend court but can’t afford representation by a solicitor, we will be able to help you draft the mitigation you should put forward in court. We will also tell you whether you are at risk of losing your driving licence and if you are, we can tell you whether you can avoid a ban.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, please call us on 01273 692020 and quote MOT/1.

We are very sorry but we can’t give you advice over the telephone. The reason for this is simple, it is not possible to give you a proper, thorough diagnosis of your case without having sight of your papers.

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