Defence witnesses

We’ve just added a new factsheet dealing with the preparation of your criminal case – defence witnesses.

This is the second in our series of factsheets advising you about how your criminal case should be prepared for trial.

This factsheet focuses specifically on the preparation of defence witness evidence. Defence witnesses can be crucial for your case and it is therefore important that the preparation and consideration of their evidence is done properly and promptly. There are strict time limits about the notification of defence witnesses to the court and the prosecution and this is not something that you can leave to the last-minute to consider. For practical reasons it is also important that you or your solicitor obtains a statement from the witness as early as possible as the closer the giving of the statement to the alleged incident, the better their recollection is likely to be.

This is an overview of defence witness evidence/preparation that we hope you will find useful. For advice about your specific defence witnesses or potential defence witnesses you should always seek advice from your own solicitor. Each case is of course very much dependant on its own facts.

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