Brighton police station opening hours

Brighton police station in John Street is no longer 24 hours.

The opening hours of John Street police station, Brighton are now 8am – 12am. If you are  wanted on a Court warrant and want to surrender yourself for court, the best time to do it to minimise how long you’ll be kept in the police station for but ensuring you get to court that day, is around 7am (assuming you are wanted for a local court).

If you want to surrender between 12am and 8am you will now need to go to the custody centre in Crowhurst Road, Brighton, BN1 8AF. You will then be booked into custody and kept in a police cell until the court confirms that they will accept your case. Remember when you get booked into custody you will be searched, also remember that the court doesn’t sit on a Sunday.

If you are on a warrant it is in your best interests to surrender yourself to the police station as soon as possible. If you think you are wanted on a warrant and would like advice please contact us. If you have legal aid with another solicitor, you should contact that solicitor who will have details of your case and be able to advise you.

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